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Tessa Buckley worked as an architectural assistant and interior designer in London, until a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis cut short her career. She is now a freelance writer, specialising in the fields of health and nutrition, and family history. She also writes the Eye Spy series of children’s novels. She has two grown-up children, and lives in Leigh-on-Sea with her husband, a retired teacher. You can find out more about her and her books on her website tessabuckleyauthor.com or click on morganwaltersfamily.blogspot.com to read her family history blog about her husband’s fascinating Welsh ancestors.


Over the course of ten days, the lives of thirteen year old twins, Alex and Donna Macintyre, will change forever.

When Alex and Donna set up Eye Spy Investigations and start to look into the case of the missing lap dog, they soon have an interesting assortment of suspects. There’s the mysterious man in the fur hat; a gang of bikers who hang out at the Starship Café; and Crazy Kath, the bag lady, who may know more than she’s letting on.

But as they struggle to make sense of the evidence, the twins begin to uncover an even bigger mystery in their own family. As a massive storm hits the town, and events spiral out of control, can Alex resolve a family crisis, save Donna from imminent danger, and return the missing dog to its rightful owner?


Alex doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he is about to have his beliefs challenged…

When Jimmy Devlin asks the twins to investigate the strange things that have been happening at The Priory, Alex seizes the opportunity to prove to his sister that there is no such thing as ghosts. However it soon becomes clear that unquiet spirits are not the only problem facing the Devlin family.

Are the family servants hiding secrets? Has a valuable ring been stolen, or just mislaid? And what has happened to Jimmy’s missing elder brother, Harry? As the twins and Jimmy try to solve the many mysteries of The Priory, they discover they are dealing with a very dangerous enemy…


Multiple sclerosis is a neurological condition which affects 100,000 people in Britain today, and for which there is still no cure. There are, however, things that people with MS can do to help themselves, whether or not they are taking disease-modifying drugs. One of these things is nutritional therapy.

Tessa Buckley wrote The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book because she wanted to share what she had learned about nutritional therapy with other people who had been diagnosed with MS, in the hope that they too could benefit from changing their diet. The book covers the basics of healthy eating, identifying food intolerances and the uses of supplementation, and describes some of the diets advocated for people with MS, such as the low-fat diet and the Overcoming MS diet. It also includes many simple, tasty recipes, together with sample menu plans.

Tessa’s work  The Eye Spy Series


School’s out for the summer, and Eye Spy Investigations have a new case - looking for Lady in Red, a lost masterpiece by Victorian painter, Gabriel Pascoe.

The clock is ticking for Alex and Donna, because the artist’s house, Acacia Villa, where their friend Jake lives, is due to be demolished, and vital clues may be destroyed. And Alex has an additional problem: he is terrified of snakes, and Jake has a pet snake called Queenie…

As the twins pursue their enquiries, they come up against the man who wants to demolish Acacia Villa. But Mr Mortimer is the godfather of their baby half-sister, Sophie, and criticising him could open up family rifts, which have only just healed.

Then Queenie goes missing, setting in motion a disastrous train of events that will turn the search for Lady in Red into the twins’ most dangerous case yet.

Tessa Buckley email:  tessa@leighwriters.org.uk



REVIEW - ‘A fast-paced, exciting whodunit. A red ribbon winner.’ (The Wishing Shelf Book Awards.)

REVIEW -I thoroughly enjoyed this contemporary adventure storey’ (Jill Murphy, author of The Worst Witch series.)



REVIEW - ‘Eye Spy II is a fun read with relatable central characters and a great background cast’ (Jill Murphy, The Book Bag)  -  Finalist in the Wishing Shelf Awards 2017

REVIEW -A real page turner.’ (Daisy Bourne, author of The Tales of Avalon series)

REVIEW - Any child aged 9 – 13 would find the characters intriguing, and the plot mesmerizing.’ (A Wishing Shelf Book Review)

REVIEW - ‘A great fun read, with lots of action and adventure’ (Ramblingmads.com)



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