We have had numerous successes and have enjoyed helping each other and sharing in their success.

The Group has been together for many year.  We were, at the start, all beginners but over the years have gained a great deal of experience and have now produced books for children and early teens, local history, adult fiction and non fiction with plays, historical fantasy and psychology.

All the books can be seen and ordered on the following pages and some are available at Waterstones, Southend and Leigh Heritage Centre.

If there are any Writers out there and would like to join the Group, please contact Tessa Buckley at tessa@leighwriters.org.uk

Welcome to Leigh Writers

1. Carol Edwards

2. Pearl Bramble

3. Rosalind Duke

4. Tessa Buckley

5. Derek Corbett

6. Janet Denny

Her Books:

Rosalind Duke

Rosalind has been writing since a teenager. She writes a variety of short works, especially poetry, some of which have been published and broadcast.

Her Books -

Tessa Buckley

Tessa Buckley worked as an architectural assistant and interior designer in London, until a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis cut short her career. She is now a freelance writer, specialising in the fields of health and nutrition, and family history …….

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    The Writers

Carol Edwards

Her Books:

Carol Edwards

Carol Edwards has been a freelance writer for many years. As well as writing and publishing 8 local history books, has had a number of articles published in various magazines as well as two interviews in the local paper.

Tessa Buckley

We are a group of local writers who meet regularly to exchange ideas and helpful comments on their writings.

Pearl Bramble

Her Books:

Pearl Bramble

Pearl was born and brought up in Lincolnshire. After working in South Africa and Australia she now lives in Essex. She has written various short stories and poems and, whilst working for a volunteer organization. produced a volunteers’ magazine.

Founded by Marion Hough

His Books:

Derek Corbett

Born in 1939, Derek retired from the Petrochemical Industry as an Engineer in 2004. He enjoys writing and trying to make what he writes a good read. Having had some competition success at Writing Club level he decided to try and get published.

Derek Corbett Janet Denny

Her Books:

            See her page for more details

Janet Denny

Janet Denny has been writing all her life. She has written Autobiographical Novels about life in London’s East End in the fifties. She has had Two Plays Published plus Several Poems and Articles.

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