About Rosalind Duke

My name is Rosalind,I have been writing since a teenager. I write a variety of short works, especially poetry, some of which have been published and broadcast. I have a wide experience of working with children of different ages and have a particular interest in stories for infants. I enjoy reading, walking, gardening, painting and family history.

'My poetry is very important to me, a way of expressing my thoughts, emotions and, in some cases, my Christian faith.'

Some People

Some people

Just leave a mess behind

In other people's lives.

Some folk ,

Destroy, Maim,

Hurt, deride,

Whist others build,


Gently chide

And will you to succeed.

Which are you?

Which am I?

How do I live?

I and I alone, I decide.

I make the decision

Each waking day,

To squeeze each drop

Of life's essence

From every minute

For my innermost well-being.

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